Massey Place Community Association exists to provide affordable sports, culture and recreation programming to residents in the Massey place neighborhood.

We also want to create a sense of belonging and improve quality of life. Neighbours meet neighbors and build a sense of community.

Welcome to the neighborhood

Interested in volunteering? Click here to find out more information.

from Massey Place Community Association The Extreme Cold Weather Emergency Response activation continues. 🥶 Stay indoors, if possible; if not, limit your exposure to the cold and make sure you are properly dressed! Here is a list of locations if you need a place to stay warm. Feel free to share especially those need… Read more

from Massey Place Community Association PSA from the water service agency: be smart on the ice! Ice conditions should always be evaluated before heading out onto a frozen surface. Ice can sometimes be deceptive and unpredictable . “As a guideline,” the WSA said, “you need at least 10cm (four inches) of ice to walk… Read more

from Massey Place Community Association Our annual general meeting will be held at Vincent Massey Community School this Thursday at 6:30 pm. Meet everyone and share your ideas for improving our community! Snacks will be provided too. 😉

from Massey Place Community Association We’re starting a Women’s Floor Hockey night, and you can help us get the word out! It’s on Wednesday nights, from September 21 to December 14. The cost is only $25 + a community association membership ($10/family, and we honor other community memberships). Registration: Check out our other… Read more


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